Nick Schlueter


Nick Schlueter is a native of St Louis, Missouri. He earned his bachelor's degree in composition from Webster University. He has studied under Paul Demarinis, Dr Michael Parkinson, Kim Portnoy, and Joachim Mencel.

As an active musician and keyboardist, he has performed with Pavlov's Dog, Charles Glenn, Upright Cabaret, Corey Christiansen, Jim Manley, Dawn Weber, and many others. As a composer, he has written and pieces for Pavlov's Dog, Rich Landers (Jerry Lee Lewis, Tina Turner, Marty Ballen) Charles Glenn, Grace Church (Maryland Heights), The Krakow Conservatory, and more. Nick has been an active dueling piano player, which has provided him the opportunity to tour the country, play clubs, and private gigs. He owns and runs a business called the Dueling Hobbits, that books private events, develops entertainment for clubs, and helps dueling piano players learn the craft, and get hired.

Nick is a teacher of contemporary piano, jazz piano, musicianship, theory tutoring, and songwriting. Additionally, he is currently on - staff with Webster University as an accompanist for ensembles and teaches coaching lessons.